Step by Step Guide to Using QuickBooks


Setting Up Items in QuickBooks

How to Setup Items in QuickBooks for Mac

Setting up your items in QuickBooks for Mac is very similar to setting them up in the Pro and Premier editions of QuickBooks. You can set them all up in one sitting, or create them in the Invoice or Estimate windows as the need for them arise.

Step 1. Go to the List menu at top menu bar, and click Items.

Step 2. At bottom left plus sign in new popup window, click the dropdown button, and select New Item

Step 3. In the Type column, select the proper type for the item you are setting up. If you are service-based, select service. If you are product-based, select Inventory Part for the items you sell that you will need to keep track of, and Non-Inventory Part for the purchases you make that you will not need to track.

Step 4. Fill in the other fields with the Item Name or Number, Sub-Item, description of product or service, Account (Chart of Account to link to - usually an Income Account), etc. If you are tracking inventory, and thus selected Inventory Part, fill in the relevant information and pay special attention to the selections you make. You will be able to edit and adjust the quantity and all other relevant information in the Edit Item window, but you WILL NOT be able to change the "Item type". "Cost of Goods Sold" and "Inventory Asset" are already prefilled in QuickBooks.

Step 5. Click Ok.




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