Step by Step Guide to Using QuickBooks


QuickBooks for Windows vs QuickBooks for Mac

Pros & Cons for Windows

Pro for Windows: QuickBooks for Windows is created with more versatility in its features than QuickBooks for Mac. Take payroll, for example, in Windows your payroll is stored on your system which allows you to prepare your paychecks, make corrections or changes with little effort, and generate payroll reports.

Con for Windows: You are restricted to the computer you installed QuickBooks on, and not able to access your payroll solution away from that computer.

Pros & Cons for Mac

Pro for Mac: The upside to this for the Mac is that you will be able to access your payroll solution from any device with internet connection wherever you may be, as it is web-based.

Con for Mac: QuickBooks for mac, on the other hand, does not have payroll built in. In order to get payroll done through your QuickBooks for Mac, you will need to purchase QuickBooks Payroll for Mac (in the cloud), subscribe with a monthly fee, and still not be able to generate any payroll reports. Also, it will be imperative to ensure that simple things, such as your employees names are spelled the same way in QuickBooks for Mac as well as QuickBooks Payroll for Mac during setup, in order to get your Payroll service to work correctly.






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