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Progress Invoicing in QuickBooks for Windows

How to Progress Invoice in QuickBooks: Pro,
Premier, Enterprise

Progress invoicing is invoicing in portions for the same job, using percentages or fixed amounts. It is a great way to keep track of invoices and receivables, and be able to generate reports with forecasted monies to be received at specific times. In order to progress invoice the progress invoicing preference must first be turned on as well as the estimate preference, and an estimate for the full job created. You will then generate invoices via the estimate for the portions you require. You can also show on each invoice, following the first, how much of the estimate you have previously billed to the customer.:

To Progress Invoice:

Step 1. Go to Customers in top menu bar, and select Create Invoice.

Step 2. Select the customer you are progress invoicing from the dropdown, then choose the Estimate you are progress Invoicing from and click Ok.

Step 3. QuickBooks will now open the Create Progress Invoice Based on Estimate window. There are three Options: If you choose the first option - Create invoice for the entire estimate, QuickBooks copies all line items and quantities from the estimate to the invoice. The second choice is so you can invoice a percentage of the estimate. And the third choice allows you to specify the items and quantities to transfer from the estimate to the invoice. Make your choice, and click Ok.

Step 4. QuickBooks will now copy the selected items from the Estimate to the invoice. Click Save and Close





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